Strategic Solutions

We address current and emerging digital threats through an ecosystem of strategic partnerships and the use of innovative cybersecurity solutions.

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Cloud Security

Gain visibility into your cloud environment in a technology that helps you manage the security of modern corporate networks.


Get the visibility and thoroughness your environment needs to ensure complete protection of your corporate network.

Endpoint Protection

Get automated protection based on artificial intelligence that is able to prevent and correct incidents in real time

Compliance and Audit

Evaluate and validate your organization’s entire process security controls.

App and API Protection

Lower the surface of API risk with automatic discovery and detection and mitigation of unwanted bots.

Vulnerability Management

Identify, treat, and monitor Vulnerability Management in an automated and agile way.

Access Management

Get identity protection with enterprise-grade special access, available in the cloud and on-premises.

Simulation of violation

Test your security environment continuously, automatically and flexibly.

Detection and advanced threats

Get a solution that understands, encodes, tracks and reverse-engineers cyber threats

Security Event Management

Manage security incidents with alerts and continuous monitoring of your environment.

Strategic partners

Strategic partners

Security, availability and resilience for your business.

Why Oplium’s Strategic Solutions?

Our solutions are referenced
by Gartner, Forrester and IDC.

We develop a tailored strategy
for your security team.

Focus on the safe experience
of employees and end users.

Understanding cyber threats
in record time.