About Us

We are a young company, founded in 2019 in Brazil, with the aim of bringing an innovative approach to the information security market, with state-of-the-art proprietary and third-party solutions and highly specialized services such as: cyber intelligence, assessment and adoption of frameworks, digital privacy laws and cyber risk management, offensive cyber simulation service, vulnerability detection and management.


Hoplon (Oplium) is derived from the large shield used by the Hoplites, who were the Greek soldiers, in the classical era of ancient Greece.

The shield served to protect more than one soldier at the same time, part of an important strategic approach that made Sparta the army with the most impenetrable line of defense of its time.

Spartan ideals are part of Oplium’s organizational culture. Our team is motivated, trained, synergistic and assertive to act on the frontline of your organization’s cyber defense.



Development of intelligent systems

Security, credit card predictive analytics and risk mitigation for e-commerce

Oplium Italia

Spindox joined Oplium to bring the expertise of the Brazilian company in the area of cyber security to the European market.

Spindox Group is among the 50 largest Italian companies in the ICT sector in terms of turnover and growth rate.

The Spinox Group’s mission is to use technologies, skills and experiences to unlock its customers’ growth potential and take them to the next level of their business.